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REVIEW ~ FIFTH A FURY by Pepper Winters

Fifth a Fury (Goddess Isles, #5)Fifth a Fury by Pepper Winters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Reaching the end of this series was bittersweet. I love mystery and not knowing where the author will take us! But I knew I'd eventually have to face the music and read that very last sentence.

Fifth a Fury was a necessity. It wasn't spectacular like the preceding installments and it didn't draw me in like the other four books, BUT it gives us closure.

The book consists of:


Sully bobbles between life and death. He's in. He's out. He's fighting. He wants to give up. Of course he doesn't decide to die because he wants to spend his life with the woman who has stolen his black heart.

And a black heart it is! Sometimes Sully REALLY got on my last nerve by treating people the way he Eleanor's dad. I mean, Sully stole Eleanor away from her family. He drugged her and mistreated her AND MADE HER A SLAVE. When Sully finally meets Eleanor's worried sick dad via video call, Sully hangs up on him. Oh my gosh, what a jerk. Ugh. I can't even...


While Sully is in a comma, Eleanor deals with the police who want to investigate the island. And with the help of the good doctor, she manages to delete all the files off Sully's computers and destroys all evidence of the wrong doings on Goddess Isles. WOW, that was fast.


Yep, you guessed it. Eleanor and Sully make it official. Happy now????


A popular author (not Winters) made the statement that she used real life drama to mold plots and characters, but had to tone down reality because many times real life was MUCH more strange than fiction. At times I almost confused this story with current events and ultra creepy people who have made the news. Sully comments of hating overpopulation and developing drugs to cure diseases was too close to Bill Gates. I despise Gates, BTW.

Sully, no matter how many times you say you're a 'new man' because Eleanor has changed you, you're still a first class, grade A disrespectful jerk.

QUESTION: If Sully hates overpopulation, does this mean he won't have kids with Eleanor? (Careful, Sully, your arrogance is getting in the way.)

And ahhhh....yet there was another page taken from current events...the email Sully got from the mysterious Q. In the story, Q is an anonymous person who seems to know every dark and dirty secret Sully harbors.

Q sends Sully an email claiming to know all of Sully's secrets and alludes that he/she might spill the beans to the police. Turns out, Q is Tess's boyfriend. This point was written so late into the story that I don't even know why it mattered.

Although this book seems to be inspired from news or tabloids, it truly doesn't matter. Writers get inspired by current events all the time. There's nothing wrong with it and it's not breaking copyright laws. Winters is a fantastic writer with a wicked imagination.

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