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Death in Her Eyes by Erin Bedford #CoverReveal

Title: Death In Her Eyes
Series: Children of the Fallen Book 1
Author: Erin Bedford
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: March 31, 2020 Cover Design: Gene Mollica Studios
Ellie Richmond has never been a particularly happy person. When her first vision of death happened at the age of four it was hard not to be jaded.
After Ellie’s mom dies and her out of the picture dad shows up at her funeral claiming she’s in grave danger, things are going to go to a whole other level of weird. Even for for someone with Ellie’s abilities.
Thrust into the world of angels and demons, Ellie will find herself in the midst the war to end all other wars and she’s the meat the dogs are fighting over.
No one could have ever seen this coming, not even Ellie.
Erin Bedford is an otaku, recovering coffee addict, and Legend of Zelda fanatic. Her brain is so full of stories that need to be told that she must get them out or explode into a million screaming chibis. Obsessed with fairy tales and bad boys, she hasn't found a story she can't twist to match her deviant mind full of innuendos, snarky humor, and dream guys.
On the outside, she's a work from home mom and bookbinger. One the inside, she's a thirteen-year-old boy screaming to get out and tell you the pervy joke they found online. As an ex-computer programmer, she dreams of one day combining her love for writing and college credits to make the ultimate video game!
Until then, when she's not writing, Erin is devouring as many books as possible on her quest to have the biggest book gut of all time. She's written over thirty books, ranging from paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and even scifi romance.

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#CoverReveal Image Adjuster by Lily Alexander

Image Adjuster
Lily Alexander
Publication date: March 11th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

In Hollywood, image is everything.

Being part of a power couple can mean the difference between your star rising or being iced out of roles. No one ever said the relationship had to be real.

Stephanie, an actress and the daughter of Hollywood royalty has made a thriving business out of posing as a girlfriend to celebrities who need a bit of a PR boost. Everything is scripted and when the contract ends everyone goes their separate way.

No feelings, no risk, just acting.

Devon is just another client – no matter how handsome he might be, how compatible they seem. The arrangement works perfectly. It’s all business. Definitely just business.

Unless it’s not.

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Author Bio:

Lily is a Colorado native enjoying the fantastic climate of Southern California with her family and cranky cat after surviving more than a decade in hot, humid places where hurricanes get their own season and Winter is a myth.

The written word is her favorite thing - reading or writing, she doesn’t discriminate. Left to her own devices she can read about a book a day; that HEA is a powerful drug!

As an only child she grew up inventing elaborate stories for her dolls to act out. She started word processing on a computer around age 10 and never looked back. After suffering the heartbreak of catastrophic drive failure a regrettable number of times, she has finally learned to back things up appropriately and often.

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Under His Rule #CoverReveal

Title: Under His Rule
Author: Clarissa Wild
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: February 24, 2020
His Family. His rules.
Some people have loving homes.
Mine only has laws.
And she will learn to obey …
When I found Natalie alone and afraid, I knew she was the one.
She came to me looking for answers to her past.
But every dark desire has a price.
Now she’s here in my domain, locked in the dark, waiting for me ...
And I am more than ready to make her submit.
I never realized how scary the darkness could be … if you’re surrounded by it against your will.
My body lies frozen on the cold, hard floor, my clattering teeth the only sound I hear for hours.
I don’t know where I am. Or how I came here.
All I remember is him.
The man with a smile so cumbersome it made mine disappear.
Crack. Crack.
I lift my head. The door squeaks, and the lock unhinges. When daylight breaks through, a sliver of it blinds me, so I cover my eyes. The sun is so bright compared to the shadows I’ve lived in for hours on end.
“Wh-who’s there?” My voice breaks when I speak. My throat is so dry I can barely utter the words.
I try to peek into the light where a tall figure stands, clutching the doorway. I swallow away the lump in my throat. What are they going to do with me? Is it a man or a woman? Alone or with many? So many questions … and zero answers.
Someone steps forward, and I instinctively crawl away, fearing them.
That’s what this place does to you. No matter how much time you spend in the darkness, it always manages to turn you into an animal. Raw. Rudimentary.
“Hello, Natalie.”
It’s a man, his voice dark and low, as though to command respect.
How does he know my name?
“Who are you?” I ask.
“That’s not important right now. What’s important for you to know is that I want you to stay strong and survive.”
What is this?
“Survive what?” I mutter. “Please … let me out.”
The man stands there watching me for what feels like minutes, though I’m sure it’s only a few seconds. The lack of light is causing my brain to play tricks on me. I’ve lost all awareness of time.
They want me to lose my mind.
“Please …” I beg again, but the figure ignores me and turns around.
As he walks back to the door, he pauses for a moment. “Submit … and it’ll be over quickly.”
Submit? To what? This is insane.
I crawl across the floor as fast as I can, toward the door, toward freedom. But when I get close, it’s slammed shut right in front of me.
“No …” I whimper, my voice escaping me. My forehead lowers to the cold, concrete floor while tears travel down my face.
If only I hadn’t seen his name in the newspaper. If only I hadn’t been so curious and gone to see him speak. If only he hadn’t laid his eyes on me.
Layers and layers of secrets are hidden behind those eyes. Secrets I shouldn’t want or need to know.
But I did. And now I’m here.
Stuck in perpetuating darkness, surrounded by nothing but concrete walls and floors.
Caught by the devil.
Taken by his henchmen.
Just to become … his.
Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of Dark Romance and Contemporary Romance novels. She is an avid reader and writer of swoony stories about dangerous men and feisty women. Her other loves include her hilarious husband, her two crazy but cute dogs, and her ninja cat that sometimes thinks he's a dog too. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, playing video games, reading tons of books, and cooking her favorite meals.
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Anna Zaires is a Genius At Her Craft #REVIEW

Tormentor Mine (Tormentor Mine, #1)Tormentor Mine by Anna Zaires
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy smokes...what do I say about this book???

Something good? Something bad?

Neither, because Anna Zaires is a genius at her chosen craft.

Peter is a bad bad man. Heck, he's not just bad...he's downright ruthless. He water boarded the heroine, threatened her, kidnapped her and took advantage of her. He made her life a living hell. The poor woman was on surveillance wherever she went...she was being watched EVERYWHERE she went. She was a prisoner of her own LIFE. Oh, it's so crazy! Peter was OBSESSED with her. (Maybe obsession is a loose term...he would kill any man who looked her way!)

Any NORMAL reader would despise a character like Peter, but what did THIS author make me (the reader) do??????????

She finally made me sympathize with a cold-blooded killer. She made me HOPE Peter would kidnap the heroine. Heck, she made me DREAM of Peter convincing his victim to love him.

Oh, and Peter PROMISED his victim that she would love him and he'd stop at nothing to make sure it happened.

Honestly, when I first started reading this book, it disgusted me. Peter totally disgusted me. After a few weeks of wondering and wondering what was going to happen, I picked this story back up and couldn't put it down.

Oh, my, the tides changed. Anna Zaires just waves her magic pen and abracadabra! She's messed with my head and made me read on.

Oh, this book as IT ALL! Suspense. Terror. Fear. Although I didn't care for the graphic love scenes--it's not a big problem to skip over those. Who needs love scenes when you've got so many other things going on?

Need I say what my review is?

Yes! This was a Double Shot of Espresso. UP ALL NIGHT READ = 5 BRIGHT STARS!

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Dark ExorcistDark Exorcist by Tim Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I did enjoy this book by Tim Miller-the first one of his titles that I've read. There were some interesting twists throughout the story and I was hoping for a big twist at the end, but when I finished the book I still wasn't disappointed.

I see some reviews slapping the author for similarities to The Exorcist, but I think the book stood plenty strong all on its own. Miller's characters, their motives, scenes, setting and dialogue were completely original. I hope the author has more creepiness in store for his readers.


Veil of Shadows (The Victorian Gothic Collection Book 2)Veil of Shadows by Chasity Bowlin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, so book one was a three star-not a bad beginning. BUT nothing like this installment! Oh no, Veil of Shadows has redeemed this series.

Will I continue to book three?

Yes, yes, yes!

Even as my finger hovers over the buy now button, I must first share the highs and lows of Veil of Shadows.


* The dots were beginning to connect on the spirits residing in the Llewllyn mansion. Every story needs a great antagonist and Frances has the stage. The wicked sister-in-law is effortlessly reaching the pinnacle of evilness. She's more than willing to spill blood to achieve her goals. She'll stop at nothing. She's a bad bad seed, folks!

* New characters were introduced. A pair of spiritualists come to the aide of Adeline and Eldren, upping the ante. And oh boy, do things get interesting!

* Eldren gives in to his 'no hanky panky' policy. Thank goodness he makes his poor, neglected wife a non neglected wife in every sense of the word. I was so tired of Adelaide's whining about it.

* Presumably, Eldren and Adelaide have a unique solution to their haunted house problems. Who needs holy water when an arsenal of dynamite will blast the spooks away?


* A single afternoon with a fortune teller grooms Adelaide to be a seasoned spiritualist. Suddenly, she develops the ability to decode ancient writings and discern a murder in the works when only weeks earlier, she boarded a ship that was destined to sink.

Obviously the editor of this book (assuming there was an editor...although I have to wonder) realized that Adelaide's newly developed talents were too much for the reader to swallow at this early stage. The author does some damage control through Eldren's dialogue. He mentions to Adelaide on several occasions that he doesn't understand her newly found talents. So, the fortune teller reveals to Adelaide that she's always had the gift, but wasn't coached on how to use it.

Okay, this is only fiction so I'll give the author some wiggle room, but there were other timeline discrepancies in the first book that have not been addressed. I was hoping they would be resolved by now, but that's not the case. (Its always a good idea to pay an editor before publishing anything)

* A relationship between the spiritualists blossoms into a full blown marriage material in ten seconds flat. Not sure why this is a plot point or why it's written into the story. Perhaps the answer will come in book three.


Frances is in cahoots with the entities haunting the estate (she confessed to the murder of the footman who impregnated her). We are left in suspense...will Frances have the ability to cause more problems from the walls of a sanitarium?

Ah, can't wait to find out in book three!


Single Shot of Espresso was needed the next morning = Four Stars

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Title: Death In Her Eyes Series: Children of the Fallen Book 1 Author: Erin Bedford Genre: Urban Fantasy Release Date:  March...