Wednesday, June 3, 2020

REVIEW ~ Irrevocably Shattered by S.C. Ellen

Irrevocably ShatteredIrrevocably Shattered by S.C. Ellen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This was a tough one to rate. Couldn't rank it a four star. And it wasn't a two star either because this book wasn't a terrible read. I'll begin with the reasons why I couldn't rate it a four:

1. The pace. This book started out with a lot of action. We're given a strong, emotional opening and all of a sudden the action comes to a screeching halt. I also felt as if some of the scenes in the book didn't really move the story forward. This is why I just couldn't seem to really get into this book. And until well past the half-way point, I felt as if the story was predictable. The H saves the h from a bad guy. H and h fight their attraction to each other. Wash, rinse, repeat until the story finally began to propel forward.

2. I couldn't connect with the characters. I tried SO hard. I really, really tried to care about the H and h but despite the effort, it just didn't happen. Maybe this issue was from all the bloodshed and ruthlessness that comes in a story line containing a mafia setting. Mafia romance isn't something that I normally read, so maybe it's all on me.

3. It wasn't clear why the h despised the H early in the story. h even admitted that H was a mystery to her...therefore, how could she instantly decide that she hated him? There was really no reason for h to keep fighting her attraction to H. It's almost as if this was built into the story line solely to build tension, but the angst/resistance just fell flat for me.

The reasons I couldn't give the book a two star:

1. The book was well written. Pushing aside the slow pace, H did go through a bit of a change...this is character development. Good job.

2. The cover art was great. The graphics on the inner matter of the book were good too. There were no grammar/editing issues. The writing wasn't juvenile. (many new authors often struggle with this.) It was apparent this author put time, money and pride into producing a good product for her readers. Good job and thank you, S.C. Ellen.

3. We get a sweet happy ever after ending.

I do think the S.C. Ellen has talent, but I probably wouldn't chose another mafia romance title.

I voluntarily read this book for the purpose of a review.

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