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#Review of Beyond His Control by Clarissa Wild

Beyond His Control (Dark Romance Suspense)Beyond His Control by Clarissa Wild
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I'll start off with saying that although this book was good, I enjoyed the first book more. The conclusion wasn't what I'd expected, but this installment didn't have a bad ending. The reader gets their HEA. I can only imagine the Good Reads Review uproar if it didn't end on a positive note!

I had no problem finishing the story. Nearly every scene had some kind of conflict-the making of a good story. Wild is an excellent story of my favorites. But there were a couple of points that didn't click, and one thing that was a downright annoyance. So, I'll start with the annoyance.

Throughout most of the story (especially book one and the beginning of book 2) I found myself despising her. She treated people as if they were stupid and beneath her. She was downright mean to sweet Emmy and the others. I had absolutely NO sympathy for Natalie, and at times I wished Noah would've just dumped her, locked her up in a hut and forgot about her.

Too often dark romance authors are called out for writing weak heroines. It's almost as if an author has to mold them into unlikable characters to keep the psychos from trashing their books. (You know who I'm referring to, don't you? The reviewers who love to tear down an author's hard work by posting degrading graphics in their reviews and then use profanity to get their points across. The same ones who use the hashtag #Abuse, #WeakFemale, #DNF) It's such a shame that a person feels the need to degrade someone's work. :( If you don't like a book, that's okay, but use some class about it. You only discredit your blog and your reputation.

NOW, I'm not a card carrying feminist, but I wholeheartedly believe that abusing anyone or anything is never okay. However, I have no idea how the typical alpha male got such a bad reputation in fiction because they are commonly key characters in dark romance. Many female readers are drawn to books about power exchange. Don't forget that FSOG sold over one million copies and many strong females grabbed a copy. Also, don't forget the male species was created by God first and whether you like it or not, men do have their place in society and always will.

For the Ladies Who Like Alphas: It's okay! There's nothing wrong or weak about being attracted to a strong man or book character. There's nothing spineless about that. There's nothing weak about that. I'd much rather have a softer female character over an arrogant, big mouthed, disrespectful witch.

Natalie made no attempt to hide after her escape from the Holy Land. She returned to the same apartment she lived in before she was taken.

Noah knew where she lived--she should've known he'd come for her. Considering her 'super hero female status', I would've imagined that she'd go to a police station to report the abuse that was going on behind the fence.

This would have left Natalie and Emmy with a sense of safety, thus giving Noah and his helper a great opportunity to find them. The story could have continued as written but would lend more credibility to her decision to return to her old apartment.

When Natalie and Noah were taken from her apartment, sacks were put over their heads and they were thrown into a van. My question is how did Natalie know they were in a van if their heads were covered?

The community was isolated from the outside world. Their vocabulary (use of profanity and dirty words) was inconsistent with a group of people who had never been exposed to any kind of media or influence outside of a pure environment.

I've read other reviews and I'd like to make one thing clear: this book wasn't about power to women only. It wasn't about degrading men. It was about power to ALL PEOPLE. TO THE HUMAN RACE. It was about freedom for all and liberation from an oppressive government. No matter the gender, we all have God given rights that no one should ever be able to take away.


4 stars. Couldn't put it down!

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